I feel like Rebel Wilson did whatever the hell she wanted and barely followed the script for this movie.

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Rachel Wilson for president

Rachel Wilson

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im laughing so hard this pic looks like it belongs on joffrey’s instagram or something like “king’s landing vacay gettin tipsy with the betrothed #turnup #nofilter”  

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Tiny kitten demonstrates expert throat-slitting technique. Nature is amazing.

they’re soo cute. i’m gonna die. flootzavut

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"Avril Lavigne, your apparent love for Hello Kitty may be genuine, but if you have any respect for the woman who designed her or for Japanese people and culture as a whole, it is not apparent in your song or accompanying video. Your lyrics are not only offensive to Shimizu Yuko, the creator of Hello Kitty, but to queer women who struggle daily with exactly the kind of objectification your song is presenting to your fans. Young queer women are already endangered by adult men who want to “conquer” them, who want to view them in private, natural and intimate acts, who want them to be nothing more than a form of entertainment, and the fact that you are coupling this in-song male-gaze driven storyline with a character designed for pre-adolescent girls makes your music a disgusting attempt to regain the popularity that you once had and never deserved. Your entire video perpetuates Japanese sterotypes, including, but not limited to, the “innocent” aspect of Japanese women; the robotic, passive persona of Japanese women; the “kawaii” aspects ingrained in their general culture; the vanity present in how Japanese women apparently present themselves; and so on. As someone who fights against cultural appropriation and for the basic rights of queer persons of all genders, your song and video made for mass media consumption have offended me and, undoubtedly, offended many others."

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Avril was, at least for a while, hugely popular in Japan, and her video shows no consideration for the general population or her fans there. I’m curious about what critical responses it has gotten from Japanese audiences. But critical responses to issues of this nature aren’t something that would be reported in typical outlets, so I don’t know where to look.

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King of the Tundra by Jack-13

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Jason Momoa

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when your obsessive special interest suddenly changes and your blog followers are like wtf this isn’t what i signed up for

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